Setting Up APRS in a Hytera Mobile or Portable Radio

The Hytera radio is a bit tricky when trying to configure it to work in a Motorola IPSC network of repeaters. This is because the haters default ports for telemetry and GPS are different then that of the Motorola. This left me at a huge quandary when trying to figure out why my HT would work on my Raspberry Pi 3 with DVMega and not over the repeater network when other users with Motorola radios would be able to completely be able to get it to work with no issue. My first thought was the Hytera Radio was incompatible with the Motorola data reporting ports. Through my many hours of experimenting and trying to figure this out I stumbled upon the Motorola Default ports and began to program. Upon writing the radio on several occasions, I found gold below is how to set up your HYTERA mobile or portable radio to Beacon APRS on a Motorola IPSC network of repeaters.

General Settings->Network Settings

RRS and GPS Radio ID = 310999
GPS Port = 4005
Telemetry Port = 4008

General Settings->Accessories

GPS = Checked
GPS Data Compression = UnChecked
Speed = Mi/h
GPS Update Time = 5
GPS Display Unit =
GPS Trigger
Power on = Checked
Power off = Checked
Relationship between Time and Distance = Time or Distance
Report Interval Distance = 1640 m
Report Interval Time = 1 Minute

In each radio digital channel it is important to make sure the following settings are set

GPS Revert Ch = Selected
RRS Revert Ch = None