Mountain West DMR is: WX6D; and is a proud member of the greater Brandmeister DMR network


If we don't have your radios code-plug listed in the members section and you would feel it beneficial to the organization to have your radios codeplug included, kindly email me a blank code plug and I will work on creating a load for that radio. email:

Repeater and Node Section

The hanford low level repeater has been converted to a simplex node please reprogram your radios to make it both TX and RX on 442.5375 with a COLOR CODE of 1 and all TG on TS 2

The repeater decided to take a nose dive and we decided to replace it with a hotspot as the the repeater only had two users and a full blown repeater in Hanford is not justified as we have so much high level wide area coverage. Please update your code plugs accordingly.


Please check out our pin map in addition to the information of repeaters and nodes. I am pleased to announce that we will be adding a pair of high level hotspots that will cover a great deal of the Mohave desert. These nodes work similar to a open spot and or a MMDVM. IF you are unaware of the OPEN SPOT and MMDVM, these nodes are1/2 duplex and are programed on a simplex frequency all the information as pertaining to these new additions is on the website grab the data and feel free to add them to your code plugs.

The idea is where we cannot obtain a pair in areas, we will utilize the frequencies that the FCC permits for Data applications. This results in splitting the difference. Furthermore our emissions mask Bandwidth only occupies 7.0 Khz on simplex as opposed to 25Khz standard data. Therefore it is safe to say our footprint will be so minimal it is not even funny.

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